Kenneth Cole watches - Reaction and New York watch collection.


Kenneth Cole Watches - New York and Reaction Watch Series

Kenneth Cole Watch Collection. Click on any of the categories below to see all the Kenneth Cole watches in the series. We currently carry the latest line of men's and women's watches including Reaction and New York watches.

Kenneth Cole watches come in beautiful designs and they are made with genuine leather and the finest materials. Everything that this brand makes has a sophisticated, contemporary design. This brand is one of the top shoe manufacturing company in the world. Kenneth Cole has put the same level of inspiration and dedication in collection of their timepieces as they have in their original shoes and clothing line.

Kenneth Cole was born in Brooklyn March 23, 1954. He is an American clothing designer and son of Charlie Cole, who owned the El Greco shoe manufacturing company. Before he new anything about the family business he started his first company in 1982. He didnít have enough money to open his shoe store so he decided to park a 40 foot long truck in Midtown Manhattan. He just needed to get the permit. He when to the Mayor's office and asked how to get permission to park a 40 foot trailer truck in Midtown Manhattan. He said you donít, the only people the city gives parking permits to are production companies shooting full length motion pictures and utility companies like Con Ed or AT&T. He decided to change his company letterhead from Kenneth Cole, Inc. to Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. and the next day he applied for a permit to shoot a full length film entitled "The Birth of a Shoe Company."

He painted ďKenneth Cole ProductionsĒ on the side of the truck. He parked it across from the New York Hilton the day of shoe show. They had a director, models as actresses, and two of New York's finest as doormen. They sold 40 thousand pairs of shoes in two and a half days the entire available production. To this day the company is still named Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. Today this brand has grown to be much more than a 40 foot truck in the middle of Manhattan. Now it has an extended line of product from shoes to clothing, hand bags, belts, hats glasses and watches.

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