Seiko Watches - Men's and women's Kinetic and Chronograph watch series

Seiko Watches - Kinetic and Chronograph Watch Lines

Seiko watches are made by a Japanese watch company that started in 1881. The famous line of Seiko watches was created when Kintaro hasttori opened a jewelry shop in Tokyo Japan. 11 years later he began to produce clocks under the name of Seikosha. This company first started with only ten employees soon after they were producing alarm clocks, pocket watches, and table musical clocks. In 1924 Kintaro got an idea of making the first wrist watch ever made in Japan. It took 43 years after the company existence to create a wristwatch and to become what is today Seiko watch line.
Many years have passed since this brand was founded and with that came many modern innovations. In 1956 Seiko watch company produce the first self winding wristwatch made in Japan. Seiko also created the world’s first quartz chronometer in 1964 Seiko was the official timer of the Olympics summer games in Tokyo. This manufacturer also introduced the world’s first quartz watch and when this happened the cost of this watch was to be the same of a medium sized car. This company has many technological advances but they are also known for being one of the few wrist watch manufacturers that produce all of their watches and movements entirely in house. This company is also widely recognized for their Seiko Kinetic watches which are self-energizing automatic watches that have quartz accuracy. The watch line is entirely powered by its movement in everyday wear. Some Kinetic watches have a feature called Kinetic Auto Relay which means that the watch goes into suspended motion when unworn for three days, conserving energy. With a few shakes of the wearer’s wrist, it wakes up and resets itself to the exact time. Seiko produces both men's and women's quartz and mechanical watches Seiko's mechanical watches are the most prized by collectors are the ones that come from the Seiko "5" series this series reflects on the five essential features of the watch which are shock resistant, water resistant, automatic, and day and date display. The most common Seiko watches are the Seiko automatic Kinetic and Chronograph series. Become your own collector and experience Seiko.
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