Wenger watches - Swiss military watch

Wenger Swiss Military Watches

Wenger watch collection. Men's and women's Wenger swiss watches. Series include commando, titanium, swiss military, aquagraph, Automatic, chronograph, alpine and terragraph, Diver's and standard issue.

When we think of Wenger powerful words come to mind like precision, craftsmanship, and skill. Wenger watches are made to meet the most military requirements. These timepieces are made to resist extreme cold, humidity, impacts, magnetism, and changes in altitude. The watches this company sells throughout the world are exactly the same as those worn by the winning patrol in the Swiss Commando Raid. The Swiss Raid Commando is one of the most enduring and most important military competitions worldwide. It is only for very well trained, armed force personnel, who are willing to compete in a "commando" type exercises. You can wear these watches without fear during your sporting or casual activities. These timepieces are dependably made with high quality parts and materials and will last you a lifetime.

This is a well know brand throughout the world and all their timepieces are covered by a 3 year warranty. This brand manufacturers some of the best products for outdoors activities such as the famous Swiss Army knife, outdoor shoes, outdoor gear like tents, backpacks and sleeping bags. This company also cares highly about the environment they have a program called "Project Recycle" that started in the Spring of 2008, in which they gathered with SOSAK (The Secret Order of Swiss Army Knives) members to retrofit a Wenger Swiss Army Knife with new handles using environmentally friendly materials. In Rockland County, New York, they were recognized for their hard work and programs that reduce waste and encourage the use of recyclable materials. Wenger is not only providing us with great product but helping us keep our environment clean.

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