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Citizen watch collection. Citizen watches are some of the most technologically advanced watches at this time. The most popular line of citizen watch company is citizen Eco-Drive. These models are available in both men's and women's. Eco-Drive series solar power and never require battery replacement. Some other Citizen watch series worth mentioning are Skyhawk, Diver's models, Promaster, Nighthawk, Blue angels, Chronograph series, Titanium, and Perpetual Calendar models.

Citizen Watch Company was established in 1924. This company has become a notorious watch dealer since 1986. They have held the spot as the world’s largest watchmaker and they are also a universal leader in cutting edge technology. This brand also manufacturer ecologically friendly timepieces with its Eco-drive collection. Eco-drive watches are solar power watches that produce ongoing electrical energy, allowing the watch to charge with outdoors or in artificial light.

This manufacturer sponsors some of the world most prized athletic events such as the US Open and World Figure Skating. Other top distinctions this company has include making the first shock resistant watch ever manufactured by a Japanese company. The first water resistant watch, professional dive watches to electronically sense depths and the first voice recognition watch. Another great novelty they have is the Skyhawk chronograph watch. This is watch is particularly designed for men. This is a radio controlled atomic timepiece.

They have continued to give modernization and motivation for the timekeeping society. This brand makes watches affordable without compromising quality. They make time keeping a peculiar form of art along with their stylish designs. Citizen that use innovative technology and has surely made its way through time. The wrist watch is an accessory as well as a fashion statement, with many people owning several styles to go with their own tastes that reflect their personality. Citizens classic design and elaborated pieces, these watches have become fashions new setter. These watches continue to make time keeping an art form with innovation and technology. This brand of watches is still the best timepiece on every wrist.

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