Rip Curl Watch | Ripcurl Ultimate tide and surf watches

Rip Curl Watches

Rip Curl watches are one of the latest products of this great 40 year old brand. Ripcurl latest product the Curl's watch technology is more advanced than what anyone would thought possible. These watches are tested to the highest industry standards with the best Swiss pressure testing equipment. Ripcurl also uses the best materials made to resists salt water, pressure, and are extremely shock resistant. Some of the most popular line of Rip Curl watches are the tide watch series, Tidemaster, ultimate, oceantide, rencon, method and the classic ripcurl watch series. The tide watch series of course are specifically made for surfers and athletes. This company builds product used for riding and for people who are always searching for the ultimate journey. Rip Curl also offers a huge variety of unique and authentic models form sporty ULTIMATE titanium watch which has a digital compass and automatic tide system, to the dressy elegant FLORENCE watch which is simple yet classy with a bracelet strap. There is so much to choose form with incredibly low affordable prices. Rip Curl offer a watch for everyone from men's ultimate sport watches to women's dressy watch collection.

Charlie Bartlett and Brian Singer two surfers from Torquay, Australia founded Rip Curl in 1969. This brand started by manufacturing surfboards and did extremely well even though they were in a highly competitive market at that time. In 1970 Bratlett and Singer realized that there were only 2 company in Australia that produce wetsuits for surfers. Soon after they they invested in a small pre-World War II sewing machine and put together a crew of locals and went into production. Originally they started by cutting out the rubber on the floor and handing the pieces to a machinist to finish the wetsuits. Today Rip Curl is famous for running many surf events like the worlds longest running surf competition, Rip Curl runs 80 surf competitions annually all around the world. This manufacturer has had the best surfing wetsuits in the market for over 30 years. Even now many years later this brand is still famous for their handcrafted creatively designed custom surf boards.
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