Toywatch Watches Toy watch Jelly and plasteramic watch collection.

Toywatch is a fun, attractive, luxurious and definitely fashionable watch company that came up with one of the best watch ideas ever. In 2005 Italian designer and wristwatch fan Marco Mavilla designed the first TOYWATCH. He wanted to design a lightweight, oversized plastic watch that was inspired by high design timepieces such as the Rolex. Toy Watches are probably best described as Rolex meets Swatch.
Toy watch designer uses creativity to design these watches witch have prefect blend of luxury, style and a large variety of colors with an edge of fun. Marco Mavilla believes that Toywatch watches need to be one step ahead of the trend. This sudden trend became the “It” and must have wristwatch accessory. This company was brought to the USA in the summer of 2006. Since then they have sold million of this plasteramic watches that are made with a combination of ceramic and plastic respected for its durability and the guarantee not to break or scratch eazily. Ceramic has many qualities its lightweight material and is hypoallergenic. Toywatch is an anti-luxury statement in a luxury obsessed culture. Which would be what is call today high style at low cost.
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