Bulova Watches - Men's and Women's watch collection.

Bulova watches by some are considered best value and quality for your money. Some popular Bulova watch series are, Marine Star, millenia, and Diamond series. Click on any of the watch collections below for more information and available men's and women's watch models.

In 1875 Joseph Bulova a 23 year old immigrant from Bohemia had a jewelry store on Maiden Lane in New York City. Since then this company has become one of today's leading watch and clock manufacturers. In 1911 Bulova began making desk clocks, and pocket watches. During World War I, wrist watches were given to military men and when returning veterans brought home the new fashion a new market started. Bulova already had enough production facilities and had mastered jewelry design to take advantage of this new market. This company came up with the first full line of men's wrist watch collection in 1919 and soon after that the first full line of ladies and diamond timepieces.

Bulova only uses the best materials, prefect craftsmanship and state of the art technology for lasting quality and performance. In each Bulova watch there is precision accuracy for the most precise quartz movements. They also carry alternative technologies such as solar or mechanical energy. All their watches are guaranteed to be accurate to within one minute a year. All of this models are anti-magnetic, shock resistant, and feature distortion free and scratch resistant Dura Crystal. They also use finest materials for its bracelets and straps. Some are plated with Bulova's 23-karat gold process to give an extra durable finish. The straps are made from leather to resist wear and keep their elegant look thought out time. Their diamond watches use only genuine faceted diamonds for lasting quality and ultimate brilliance. There's a huge variety of models from classic and trendy straps and bracelets to specialty chronographs and advanced technologies. Bulova watches are a necessity not just an accessory. Make a fashion statement with you're own Bulova watch. There's hundreds of elegant luxurious watches that will cause an big impression.

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