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Freestyle Watches

Freestyle watch collection. Men's and women's freestyle watches. We currently carry full line of freestyle watches including Freestyle Shark, hammerhead, Precision, Ranger, Navigator, Stride, Mariner, Predator, diver's and digital series. Click on the links below for available models and additional information.

Freestyle watch company started in the early 80's and has passed the test of time. This brand has proved to the world that a high-quality, water resistant, durable watch can come at a fair price. Freestyle brand was the first surf watch brand in the US. Freestyle watches came out of the need for a surf watch powerful enough to survive the constant exposure to the ocean and sand. This was the first timepiece ever designed for surfers. Freestyle has been making long-lasting, dependable, trendy watches all built to resist the abuse of the high-intensity, rider lifestyle, both in and out of the water since 1981. This company has very distinct watches and they are known for their unique look that catches everyone eyes.

When you have a freestyle watch you are telling the world there is something unique about you and you are not afraid to show it. These watches are not only unique in style but they are durable and dependable. Every model they make comes with a limited lifetime warranty. They have minimum of 100 Meters water-resistance, water-resistant polyurethane, nylon straps or solid stainless-steel bracelets. Night Vision display on all Digital-models. Luminous hands and markers on analog models. Smart design features a large range of technologies, ranging from analogs to more sophisticated, such as digital, with lap-memory, Tide, Compass, and Altimeter modules. Day by day they try to come up with new styles, better material and technologies to server customers needs. The end result a timepiece that will get trough surf, skate, snow, wake, ski, bike, action sports, and extreme sports. With the extremist in mind, Freestyle has created an extensive collection of innovative performance watches that will go with you to the edge and back.

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