Marc Ecko watches | Unlimited watch collection.

Marc Ecko Unlimited Watch Collection

Marc Ecko proves that a designer watch can be within the budget of just about everyone. This brand offers a huge collection of gorgeous and innovative unlimited watches. Ecko has been known for his fashion line for youths and adults from one side of the world to the other. Marc Ecko introduces a line of watches design in the same style and attitude as his award winning clothing. From the traditional unltd Classico to the remarkable M-1 Chrono Marc Ecko watches have to be seen and definitely worn.

Marc Ecko was born in 1972 in East Brunswick, New Jersey. He is an American entrepreneur and creator of Ecko clothing line and its parent company Marc Ecko Enterprises. His businesses range from magazines, fashion such as Avirex, G-unit, and Cut & Sew, Interactive entertainment and other different interests.

He transformed his graffiti art into a business while still in college, designing handmade T-shirts that landed on the backs of artists like Spike Lee and Chuck D. Ecko Unlimited became more widespread in 1993, when the first line of six popular T-shirt designs appeared on Good Morning America. The company soon extended into the hip-hop, extreme-sport, and designer-fashion markets and also began producing footwear, leather goods, underwear, gloves, outerwear, and a women's collection. He launched his line of sophisticated urban menswear, Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, in 2004, which is famous by its knitwear, attentive tailoring, and dressier fabric.

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